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How it works

Post a job vacancy

Post your vacancy for free. Include description, location and application deadline, and start receiving applicants.

Browse candidates

Browse your applicants' profiles, including past ratings, reviews and cover letters. Only highly rated Toptaskers have access to our jobsite.

Access candidates

If satisfied with your applicants, process a flat fee to gain access to your applicants' CVs and contact information.

Why Toptask Recruitment?

Only the best

Only top rated candidates with a min. number of completed projects on our freelance platform have access to our jobsite

View applicants for free

Pay to access candidate contact information and CVs only once satisfied with the applicants you received  

Focus on soft skills

Other businesses do the leg work for you by assessing candidate attitude and performance through their completion of freelance projects

Are you a university student or graduate in New York?

Register on the app to complete freelance projects posted by nearby businesses & individuals

Complete min. 3 tasks with high ratings (                     +) to access long term job opportunities.